sábado, 31 de marzo de 2007


We recently informed IDU member parties of the arrest last month of Denis Denisov, UCP member and leader of the Vitebsk Youth Christian Social Union "Young Democrats" organization in Belarus (see IDU News at www.idu.org).

We have now received the information that also Andrey Dzenisevich, UCP member and YCSU "Young Democrats" leader, was arrested and interrogated by the KGB on 28 March. KGB officers apprehended Mr Denisevich at his home and escorted him in handcuffs to
the Minsk city office of the KGB.

This arrest is presumably linked with a "criminal case" that has been initiated against young activists based on article 193 of the Criminal Code of Belarus: "activity in name of not registered organization". This article has a standard penalty of two years of deprivation of freedom. Four young Belarussians are currently charged under this horrendous article: Borys Garecki, Aleg Korban, Anastasya Palejanka and Dmitry Fedoruk.

These arrests are seen as a sign that the Belarussian authorities under dictator Lukashenko are implementing a strategy of targeting the most active and "dangerous" members of the youth movement in order to quell opposition.

IDU has received an appeal from the Youth Christian-Social Union "Young Democrats" of Belarus:

* Not to be indifferent to the destiny of Andrey Denisevich and other youth leaders that are now being persecuted by the Belarusian authorities;
* to demand a stop in the repression of the Belarussian opposition, by raising the issue in Parliaments and in any contact with Belarus Government representatives;
* to strengthen the support of the political youth organizations of Belarus.

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